Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Education and Family Fun in the Swamp!

We were cool for a change yesterday because it was raining on our sunset tour. No one complained because it felt good after the 100' temperatures of the last month.

Right after explaining that there would be no problem with mosquitos, we came upon the dragonflies in the photo below and I pointed out the abundance of "mosquito-hawks" as they are known locally.

Next we followed my road into a grove of virgin cypress in the background of the photo below.

We had fun in the bayou when a cricket frog jumped on the boat in the photo below.

As we came out of the bayou on our way back to the lake in the photo below, we noticed an unusually heavy fog for this time of the year.

Upon entering the lake I realized the fog reminded me of a winter-time scenario when cold fronts bring cool air over warm water and a low lying, wind driven fog hangs over the surface of this beautiful wetland forest.

As we approached the landing to wrap up our educational and entertaining adventure I stopped the motor so we could hear the song of the Purple Martins as seen in the photo below, who are also like dragonflies, voracious consumers of mosquitos.

The last half hour of the tour was the only part that didn't drizzle on us, and we all felt rewarded for our perseverance in spite of the light precipatation. It could have been worse; we could have been soaked with perspiration!

Maybe at the end of the next tour, I can get that picture I have promised of me swimming with the gators!