Wednesday, August 26, 2015

OK, we got 75" temperatures, a north wind at 15 mph and it is nice out at the lake.
The kids are back in school and the madhouse that summertime has become at Lake Martin is just about done.
We here in Cajun Country are not happy about these so called reality TV shows that are so offensive to us who live here, and open our doors to the rest of the world to come and share in the things that make south Louisiana so special, like the food, music and swamp tours.
25 years ago, I was a crawfisherman in the Atchafalaya Basin, and started doing swamp tours in my commercial fishing boat. When I did swamp tours I went to the places I knew so well as a fisherman, and followed the "little roads" I knew so well as a fisherman as you can see above.


Today, I am still in the same boat, doing it the way I have always done it with a small group in a small boat going where the big tourist trap boats cannot go.

As you can see above, I usually travel everywhere with my dogs, which is the Louisiana Catahoula Cur, our state dog actually, and they are descendant of wolves and greyhounds from hundreds of years ago. The photo above is by Andre Comeaux and won a International Nikon photo contest, with me and Bobalou, how can you lose?

If you are interested in doing a Louisiana swamp tour or talking about my dogs, I can bereached by cell phone at 337 298 2630 for more info.