Sunday, October 20, 2013

Louisiana Swamp Tours and The Drama At Lake Martin!

There is an enemy of EVERYONE(human and wildlife) at Lake Martin, and I am responsible for starting him I in the business of swamp tours about 15 years ago.

Recently his misadventures have begun to catch up with him, as you can see if you go to the link below:

I have been biting my tongue on this one for far too long, as it is starting to hurt, so here we go:

Recently some of my guests passed by Bryan Champayne's wharf/hot dog stand/bar/swamp tours and inquired if they knew where de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours is located(actually about 1/4 mile away). The reply was that they never heard of Marcus de la Houssaye, and Champayne's Swamp Tours was the "only" swamp tour on Lake Martin.

Well here is a sign that was recently put up in front of Champayne's Swamp Tours:

Now... notice that the phone number matches Champayne's business,
not Le Blanc's

so what is happening?
 Well Champayne's plan is to deceive the public and steal Le Blanc's business but putting a deceptive sign in front of Champagnes wharf!
And here is a photo of some of more Champagne's handywork:
He loosened the bolts on my trailer hitch while I was parked in Lake Martin landing.
Now how do I know it is Champayne?
 Well I have him on a security video in the parking lot next to my truck at the time that this occurred, but the problem is we have 2 incidents where my tires were cut in the boat landing, and in the same 90 day period there were also 2 incidents where my trailer hitch bolts were loosened, and you can see the results in the photo above.
So why isn't he being prosecuted? Well his cousin was the sheriff for about 25 years, so he grew up with the presumption that he can "get away" with anything. And he knows that we are video taping the landing at lake Martin, so he blocks the cameras with his truck while he does the dirty deed or he tries to sneak in by boat, when he intends to vandalize my truck. I have caught him walking away from my vehicle with a tire tool in hand on several occasion when he was loosening the lugs on the front tire of my truck when it was parked in the landing.
When contacted by a newspaper reporter at the Morning Advocate on Tuesday, Champagne said only that “it didn’t happen.”
Although Bryan Champagne denied possessing a baby alligator illegally, and was quoted by the newspaper article claiming: "it never happened", you can see in the You tube video below that Bryan lied to the newspaper writer and regularly unlawfully handles baby alligators while n tour.