Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Summertime

The weather is hot, and the water is fine, but the gators are hiding from the heat more than usual it seems.

Considering the tropical storm approaching, this is the calm before the storm, at least that is what the news media wants us to brace for.

Frankly, wind and rain sounds good to me.

With temps in the upper 90's and few clouds this week, Ben has the right idea to get the board out on the lake and terrorize the gators a bit.

This was not the most dramatic sunset, but it was so sweet to be there.

And here is another favorite Breaux Brige eatery I have never featured in the blog. Le Cafe is at 124 Rees Street and Thibodeaux, one block north of Bridge Street.

They have great fried shrimp poboys and all you can eat fish for 10.99 everyday. I don't like to promote the fried food places, but hey this one is as good as it gets.

To place an order for drive thru pick up call them at 332 2500

These two guys were sure proud of their catch and release Largemouth Bass, and when I tried to explain the release of flavor resulting from catch and fishfry a bass they didn't get it. Guess they never ate fried bass.

And these guys came from Texas last weekend and we had a hilarious time joking around and drinking cold beer in the heat of the afternoon. Funniest part was the blonde gal out drank the guys.

I tried to keep the boat moving as much as possible because that was the only breeze we had, and cold beer can only do so much to keep you cool when the temps are in the upper 90's.

One of the things I love about Texans is the tall tales, full of color and character, just add a few cold ones and the stories start to flow. We had some great laughs along the way!

Oh the sunsets have been so sweet lately