Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Challenge

Photo by Claude Nall

With so many views of what is going on in Louisiana right now with the oils spill it is difficult to know who to believe. Yet that is a challenge we must face everyday, on many fronts of the government, news media, education, religion, and business.

Photo by Claude Nall

I have always made my best effort to share the truth about things in the swamp, in my swamp tour presentations. I have a passion for the wildlife, culture, history, and environment of south Louisiana.

I will tell you things like; alligators don't eat us, we eat them, true!

Yet you can see my friend Simone, from Lafayette, is a little uncertain about getting so close to one on my tour.

It irks me that New Orleans tries to capitalize on it's close procximity to Cajun Country. But it is on the wrong side of the Mississippi River to be Cajun.

The media wrongly promotes our food as spicy, actually it is flavorful.

And BP would have you believe they have it under control and all is safe, when it is not, but luckily if you are aware of the geography and wanting to do a swamp tour you should now where I do my tours at Lake Martin, we are far inland and about 200 miles away from the toxic effects of the BP oil spill. Our seafood, so far is uncontaminated, and our wildlife is safe from harm.

A Bald Eagle in a tree watching over Lake Martin
Photo by Claude Nall

But one does have to consider if our life here in the heart of Cajun Country could in the future also be adversely affected by the oil like our neighbors to the east.

For now anyway the well is capped for the last few weeks, and nature will heal itself given time.

We still have the food, music, dance, and swamp tours Cajun Country is famous for.

A de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours in the bayou.

I can be reached at 337 298 2630 if you are interested in doing a tour with me.