Friday, September 11, 2009

Swamp Tours, Festivals and Fishing!

A few years ago, the Louisiana Office of Tourism, conducted a survey and interviewed tourists coming into Louisiana to find out what were the top three things that brought them to Louisiana. Food, music and swamp tours. Big surprize!

There is no better place to get all three at an affordable price than in and around Lafayette.

Above is a photo I took on a Louisiana Sunset Swamp Tour at Lake Martin.

There is always so much to do in south Louisiana, that sometimes it is a challenge just setting a realistic agenda. So as the summer winds down, if you are planning on coming to Louisiana this fall, I will begin forecasting some of my personal favorites and giving suggestions of where to be for fall activities. Such as Festivals Acadiens in Girard Park at Lafayette, in the month of October on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of 2009.

Where we dance in the dirt as seen above!

Everyone has a good time.

It's a family event and even the kids make their way to front of the stage.

Below are some photos of last years festival featuring my Cajun friend, Steve Riley on accordion, as seen below.

Another friend of mine, Cedric Watson, made his festival debut at last years gathering of the Cajuns and Creoles as seen below.

The night before, his band Bijeaux Creole, played the Blue Moon Saloon and Guest House as seen below.

And when it comes to food, of course there is plenty to eat at any festival, but most of our festivals are centered around the abundance and variety of agricultural foods and good times in the Cajun and Creole cultures.

In the wild side, we are blessed to be born in the greatest pantry of wild foods in North America and there are festivals and fishing rodeos to celebrate that too.

Bear in mind, the best Cajun food often contains farm raised livestock, wild game or fresh caught seafood and is always served at someone's house, not a restaurant.

So... consider that Cajuns and Creoles are often referred to as the friendliest people in the world, because we will invite you to our house and cook for you.

Don't be shy, make friends! We love to talk as much as cook and play music.

Without any special event in mind, we might invite you to indulge in the Speckle Trout fishing south Louisiana is famous for, to enjoy a day out on the open water and an evening of dining on trout.

As seen below, my friend Ed and I had a great morning at Southwest Pass near Vermillion Bay on the specks. We launched out of the Cypremore Point public landing.

When it was all said and done we shared a half an ice chest full of trout as seen below.

All credit needs to be given to my friend Ed for teaching me to fish trout.

He is not only, a master fisherman, he has a cool bay boat as seen below!