Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Cool and it's Festival Season in Cajun Country!

But...Before we get to the festivals, check out Anne's new book.

Introduction to: Louisiana Swamp Tours: The Definitive Guide

Think if you've been on one swamp tour, you've seen them all? Think again. Louisiana has a huge diversity of swamps and wetlands, and the tours through these areas vary enormously according to focus---bird roosts, alligators, big cypress and tupelo gum trees, plenty of wildlife. Many of the guides have spent lifetimes learning the secrets of the swamps as professional fishermen, alligator hunters, trappers, guides, or lumbermen, and they share with passengers their love of the areas and their deep concerns over the fragility of the environments. Illustrated with dozens of fine nature images by award-winning photographer Henry Cancienne, this book contains everything you need to know about every swamp tour in the state.

Above is a link to Amazon so you can order Anne Butler's new book,
Louisiana Swamp Tours; The Definative Guide.

If you are coming to do a swamp tour in Cajun Country in September or October, looking for a bunch of fun people, good food, music, a dancefloor and a good time, you are in luck.

I was looking through the festivals guide to decide where I was going this weekend to shoot some video for my TV program. And wow, three festivals all in the same weekend. The Frog Festival in Rayne,(please note: the Frog Festival has been postponed until November) The Zydeco Festival in Plaisance, and the Shrimp Festival in Morgan City. I would love to do all three, but the Frog Festival is it.

The highlight of next month, no doubt is, Festvals Acadiens in Lafayette.

I will re-edit this in a day or two, put up photos and more links.

In the meantime...see you at the lake.