Wednesday, March 16, 2016

@ Lake Martin, Louisiana Swamp Tours Come In Many Varieties

OK, it is springtime in south Louisiana and everybody wants to come to Lafayette, eat, dance, and then get out and see the birds and alligators from the comfort and privacy of a small 6 passenger flat-bottom boat... yup, we got ya right here!

                                                                      photo copyrighted and courtesy of Claude Nall

We are set up at the landing 7 days a week. ready to do your small boat swamp tour.

If it is just a couple looking for a private photo safari....

or  pleasant getaway for an hour or two...

we do sunrise and sunset, by reservation only,

and no group is too big or too small....

We could even start your tour at sunset and it end as a night tour.

We will take you where the big tourist trap boats cannot go...

If you you seeking a safe adventure into the wilderness wetlands of south Louisiana, we are here to make it happen.


                        Native guides with decades of experience and knowledge to share with you...

and even if you didn't do a swamp tour, consider the sunset photo above was shot from land at Lake Martin Landing(notice the grass lower left)

We offer a wide range of services from the small 5 to 10 passenger boats all the way up to 25 passenger variety, and we can get several together at the same time to handle busloads for church and school groups 

                                                          photo copyrighted and courtesy of Claude Nall

You can make a reservation by calling Bryce at 337 322 2669

or the landline and leave a message @ 337 342 3867

                                                  photo copyrighted and courtesy of Claude Nall

                                                below is a stroll down memory lane...

 Here are a couple of photos of me from back in the 1990's

Opps, the ones below is from the 1980's...

photo above and below copyrighted and courtesy of Marc Garanger

all that being said, I been swampy before swamp people was cool!

My daughter Christina circa 1999 doing a photo shoot for magazine @ Lake Martin

                                                    photo copyrighted and courtesy of Philip Gould

I am Marcus de la Houssaye and I am mostly booked solid for the next few months, meanwhile, Bryce is filling in for me in a 6 passenger flat bottomed boat, 7 days a week at Lake Martin Landing. So I am not available on short order, but if you need specialized guide services for future location scouting, tracking, photo and bird watching, I can be reached by cell phone @ 337 298 2630. Give me a call and lets see if we can fit you in.