Monday, December 22, 2014

Louisiana Swamp Tours for Christmas 2014

Swamp Fire

 The photo above illustrates the colors of the swamp in autumn when Bald Cypress trees begin to defoliate.

Well as of today the winter is officially on the calendar, and soon all the fiery colors of autumn will disappear.

And the swamp will take on a definite appearance of gray due to Spanish Moss and lickens being gray.

The best part of winter defoliation is we can see more wildlife as a result of no leaves on the trees.

The series of photos below were snapped by me on tour last week, all in a matter of less than a minute.

So... if you are a photographer or a bird watcher weather allowing this is a great time of the year to do a Louisiana Swamp Tour.

The five photos above demonstrates the constant beauty of the swamp, everywhere you turn.

If you are planning to do a tour with your family for the holidays,

I am in a boat that has seating for 10-15 people, as you can see above,
and I have associates with multiple boats with seats for up to 25 person per boat.

So even if you come with a busload of people, we can put several boats together and accommodate everyone at one time in several different boats that are in the water 24/7 for your convience

and the wildlife is never far away from the wharf where we depart.

I am Marcus de la Houssaye, and I can be reached at 337 298 2630 for a tour.