Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Louisiana Swamp Tours 2014

Ok, I know y'all are coming here to escape the frozen north, and do a de la Houssaye's Swamp Tour, because the rest of the country is and has been frozen for some time, but.... here in the swamp, where we rarely ever see frozen plants, it has been frozen too, but not like the Great Lakes!

Therefore if you are looking to do a tour this time of year, I can only guarantee you that March will be a better month tour wise than the last three, just because the freezes are officially ALMOST over!

Therefore I am planning to do some Louisiana swamp tours as soon as the Whitetail deer season closes on February 15th, as I and the dogs are professional trackers during deer season. (click the link to read a story)

I am currently experiencing some technical difficulties loading pictures, so I will leave this post as text only, for the moment and yes I am doing Louisiana swamp tours, when it warms up, and that will be soon.

and I wish I could share some of those swamp images ...but that is coming soon too.

and I thought computers were supposed to make life simpler?

I am Marcus de la Houssaye, and I will be the man driving the boat, on your Lafayette, Louisiana swamp tour, should you need to call to make a reservation: call me at 337 298 2630

Thank you