Monday, February 27, 2012

Louisiana Swamp People

If you have been following my blog, you remember the momma alligator from last summer.

Because the weather has been so mild her babies are coming out and getting some warm sunshine this month and I got some photos last week.

It has been a great deer hunting season..

And we have had a lot of fun at Mardi Gras this year also as you can see in the running of the Courier du Mardi Gras on the Cajun Prairie .

Also had great weather for the most part in the urban Mardi Gras parades seen below. is starting to look like it is time we get back to business with Louisiana Swamp Tours, and continue being the original swamp people that we are.

I am planning to watch the TV show Swamp People for the first time this week because it looks like the producers are finally going over the edge as I predicted and are using some new people who are NOT representative of our culture here in south Louisiana. Mostly I have gotten good feedback from the fans of Swamp People, but reports are coming in that there are some real whack-a-doos in there now, and I have to go see for myself.

If you are wondering why I am not in the show myself...I would not let them own me.

And yes, they have called me and tried to get me under contract, but when I sent the contract to a lawyer to give him a good laugh, he nearly had a heart attack, because he thought I was considering signing it.

No, I will be the captain of my destiny, and no one shall own me.

If you would like to tour a real Louisiana swamp with an original Louisiana swamp man that the TV show was modeled after, you can call me at 337 298 2630 for a reservation.

Also I have a new website with links to a neat blog with stories and pictures at: