Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lafayette Swamp Tours and Taco Sisters

It is getting warm, so my Louisiana swamp tours at sunrise and sunset are becoming the norm.

And signs of summer are everywhere, such as the American Lotus, now in full bloom.

After the tour yesterday, Christina and I had lunch in Lafayette at Taco Sisters,

home of the smoked fish taco, on the corner of Vermillion and Johnston in Lafayette.

To quote Christina; "These burritos are out of the box. This is the best Mexican food, I've ever eaten."

She had a BBQ brisket burrito and I had the grilled yellowfin tuna taco with the homemade salza.

OMG, was it good, and I also ordered a large veggie salad,

thinking we'd have some take home, but we ate it all. There was no leftovers. The cheese, black olives, tomatoes, greens, and little wedges of apple, topped with house vinnegrete dressing made every mouthful an explosion of flavor, AND, I only used half of the dressing!

And now that I think about it, the salad dressing was the only thing we had to take home, and I did just that.

Open for Lunch
Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-2pm

234-TACO (234-8226)
to order ahead and pick up at the drive through

If you are looking for a place to satisfy a healthy vegetarian diet and have fresh smoked fish, shrimp, meat and poultry too, Taco Sisters can do.

There are more restaurants per capita in the city of Lafayette, than any othr city in the US, and that means competition is stiff, and the food is often very original and almost always has a Cajun twist.

Mexican, Cajun, Mediterreanian, Japanese sushi, or Creole, no matter what you chose for lunch or dinner, the homegrown ingredients and wild caught Louisiana seafood

Lafayette is famous for, will not only satisfy you, it will surprize you with explosions of natural flavor.

Too many travel writers have described our Cajun food as spicy, which is misleading and inacurrate. Described in one word: it should be flavorful. Although for some dishes, and certainly with some chefs, spicy could be an understatement. And in my opinion, a chef who uses too much pepper spice, is not authentic culturally, and not that good.

You will have no problem with the flavor or freshness of the Taco Sisters.

What amazing food Lafayette has.

Prepare to taste the most delicious tacos you've ever had, made with fresh smoked Gulf tuna, smoked Gulf shrimp or savory meats and poultry. Delicious brisket burritos, veggie tacos and salads made with fresh ingredients and lots of love. No frozen food, just homemade specialties with premium ingredients.

I am providing a link to the Taco Sisters website here,

and as you can see in the pictures, they have a wonderful outdoor dining area

with a colorful flower garden and some interesting artistic fences.

Located at the corner of Vermilion and Johnston Streets in Lafayette.

Typical of Lafayette natives, these women are some of the friendliest and happiest in the world: open for lunch till 6PM, so if you get there late enough in the day, it could suffice as an early evening meal. You can then go a few blocks up the street to the Blue Moon Saloon for happy hour from 5-7 PM.

Go there, get this amazing food, and you may feel like if you do this too often, a diet and exercise program will be in order.

You can come and do a Louisiana swamp tour with me in the morning, and see nature at it's best, and then just 15-20 minutes up the road, seafood for lunch at Taco Sisters.