Monday, September 27, 2010

Temperatures And Leaves Are Falling

With the morning temps around 60' Farenheit and leaves falling from the trees, the autumn equinox is in full force, and it is once again practical to do a de la Houssaye's Swamp Tour during the mid-day.

It has been a very sweet summer for me personally and a pleasure to share with so many visiting guests from all around the world.

Soon the summer foliage such as American Lotus below,

and the blooms of the Arrowhead will be a memory.

But looking ahead, the dogs are already frisky in anticipation of the hunting season now upon us.

Bobbi Girl, a grandaughter of Bobalou and Two Diamonds Cutter.

If you would like to do a swamp tour, you can call me on my cell phone to make reservations at 337 298 2630.

I hope the cooler water temperatures help my fishing buddies bring something home to brag about.

Another buddy of mine at Lake Martin has just remodeled and opened up the newest accomodations option in the Lake Martin area.

The Cottage at Lake Martin

With a very nice patio in the back, walking distance to the rookery, and walled in by bamboo, it is an amazing outdoor retreat from urbania.

Should you want to sleep in and do brunch,

this one bedroom, with private bath and kitchen is a romantics dream come true!

Lush bottomland hardwood forest on two sides and bamboo and palms throughout, this cozy weekend getaway is often serenaded by songbirds year round.

Please be advised if you want to do a tour on October 8,9,or 10, I will be enjoying the festivities at Giraurd Park in Lafayette. We are celebrating the food, music, dance and culture of the Cajuns and Creoles at Festivals Acadiens et Creole. Starting with Downtown Alive on Friday afternoon, and at the park on Saturday and Sunday.

Cedric Watson and Bijeaux Creole

I will be doing a sunrise Louisiana Swamp Tour on Friday and Saturday during the festival, but that is your only options to tour with me during the festival.

Put on your sun hat and lets go kick up some dust!