Monday, June 7, 2010

For Your Information

The BP oil spill will not physically affect you or me here, because we are 200 miles away.

And it hopefully won't affect me at all, unless you stop coming to Louisiana based upon the media perception that ALL of Louisiana is now polluted and dangerous.

Just like Katrina was labelled a natural disaster to try to hide the truth, about the greatest engineering disaster in the history of the USA, likewise BP is also responsible for an engineering disaster and trying to call it an accident.

Unfortunately, we are not even recovered from Katrina and Rita, and here comes a man made disaster which was preventable, by installation of proper equipment, and has already become the greatest ecological disaster in our history and it is far from over.

If you want to help us here, come and visit our state as a tourist, and take the word home that we are OK, and open for business. We still have the food, music and swamp tours, Louisiana is famous for.

The Figs performing live at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette

And if New Orleans is too close to the oil spill for you, Lafayette is 200 miles from the oil spill. Our crawfish, shrimp, crabs and catfish are as yet uncontaminated.(frankly we don't know how big this oil spill will get as yet)

Lafayette is in the heart of Cajun Country, and has many of the things people go to New Orleans for, with none of the crime and scams New Orleans is also famous for.

I have just researched the Internet for free Cajun music online and I am disappointed that several of the references of the past have either changed programming or are not online at present due to website updates. So I will keep an eye on that one for you.

One is which provided live streaming of performances of the Blue Moon Saloon. Also has an archive of performances past. They should be up and running again soon. I will keep you posted. Another one is and they changed Louisiana music programing to oldies. Its good music but I didn't realize that the music I grew up with is actually so old, they are calling it oldies!

Scuse me, I think I need a little bit of The Allman Brothers!

OK, I am back...2 cuts: Ramblin' Man, and Southbound and I am goood to go!

A yellow swallow-tailed butterfly on a passion flower, yah it is summertime!

Just so you know I am 54 years young. And on that note, I am just getting started making this world a better place to live and grow up in.

We do not own this world, we are borrowing it from our children.

Lets all work together to take care of it.

This is not the world I was born into.

Hmmm....I am taking personal responsibility here, these things like the BP oil spill happen because we let it happen. The protest should not only be against BP alone, but also our government, who failed to protect us from standing water in August 2005, after Katrina made landfall and was far inland in Mississippi when "it" overwhelmed the levees inside New Orleans. Then for 5 days people were left at the New Orleans Convention Center which is on the river, with a wharf. And they could not roll in relief on wheels, so they left those people to die there who could have been transported on the river. Don't tell me we ain't got boats in Louisiana. We have more boats per capita than any other state!

So bottom line here is if you want good Cajun and Zydeco music, you need to come to Lafayette and visit us. If the pollution from the BP oil spill is actually a real threat to your health here in Lafayette, I will be advising accordingly.

If you are coming to do my swamp tour, here are the GPS coordinates to the boat landing where I launch them. 91-54-20-00-W, 30-13-22-00-N But please call first, I do not live there and I am rarely waiting around the boat landing for people to drive up with NO RESERVATION! Call me at 337 298 2630, leave a message if I don't answer, and call back again in a few minutes. I usually always answer, unless I am sleeping.

American Lotus a summertime flower at Lake Martin.

The address to Lake Martin Landing, where I launch my tours is 1321 Rookery Road, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, 70517

I am giving this out because the GPS, Google map, and Map Quest directions and locations given, are so screwed up for Lake Martin Landing, I am not getting into it here. Just trust me on this, it is best you call in advance to make reservations, because I do not run a regular schedule, and also get directions from where you are, to the lake.

And speaking of scheduling, my advice for the next 90 days is sunrise and sunset.

Button Bush blossom, another summertime flower at Lake Martin.

7-8 AM for the morning tour, meaning we will be out of there by 10-10:30 because we are having temperatures in the mid 90's till about 5-5:30 PM and so a late afternoon sunset tour is your next best option if you are not into waking up before dawn to do a sunrise at Lake Martin.

And as you can see below, the sunsets are definitely worth writing home about.

Here is one last thought: If a man says something in the woods and there is no woman around, is he still wrong?