Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Louisiana Swamp Tour Birds Can't Wait For Spring

My Louisiana swamp tours first objective is to bring tourists up close to wildlife and at the same time, have given me a unique opportunity to study and observe the transitions in bird activities in and around the rookery.

The Great Blue Herons were right on schedule this year and started nesting in mid January.

The two photos above were taken on tour this past week.

Usually, the Great Egrets are right there with them.

But, even though mating plumes are visible through most of the winter,

it is the middle of January before
Great Egrets are usually feeling the natural urge to gather twigs,

build nests, and the mating plumes really start to come out.

But, this year, the Great Egrets are a month behind schedule.

The above photo of a new nest, was taken from Rookery Road on 2/22/2011

Meanwhile, back at the lake,

another bird who doesn't begin nesting until June,

All photos above(except the first two) are courtesy of Claude Nall.

with a beak specially designed to feed on invertebrae that live in the floating mat of plants,

is busy in a different way.

The White Ibis are gathering upon the floating mats of plants on the southwest corner of Lake Martin,

and feeding upon the snails, crawfish, and shrimp.

Above photo courtesy of Claude Nall

The swamp in winter is mostly grey with moss, then new things begin to move,

The photo above and below are courtesy of Claude Nall

and presents the anticipation of spring.

At the same time we have a very hard winter, I have noticed something I never saw before at this time of year.

Black-bellied whistling ducks

The nutria are safe for a few more weeks

Then the young gators which are already coming out into the 70' temperatures we are presntly having,

The photo above and below are courtesy of Claude Nall

will be joined by the big gators and no one will be safe!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Babette's Art Photography

My friend Babette Romero sent these photos of the swamp as seen from Rookery Road

Classic simplicity

While the first three photos are not my favorites(just kidding Babette!)

The last three have jumped out at me;

All photos are by Babette Dartez Romero and are copyrighted.

If you violate this copyright,
you will be dealing with the woman in the photo below:

Thank you Babette