Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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Below is a link to a Trip Advisor site that has 4 five star reviews of my swamp tours in it.

Notice when you go there that the review at the top was posted by someone who admited never doing my tour but advised not coming to me because they claimed I was rude on the phone and was 'yelling' at them. Oh my word people, don't you just love dealing with the public!

                                               I am Marcus de la Houssaye, and ...

I am not shy about anything, especially criticism, because the only person I am better than is the old me! And if you got a problem with me, I want to hear about it!

All that being said I am sharing that link so you can read the 4 five star honest reviews of my services which I have provided for over 30 years. Trip Advisor: reviews you can trust? I am not sure about all that, but you be the judge...


Now bear in mind, I have contacted Tripadvisor on many occasions over the last 5 or 6 yrs to correct the mistaken address 12 miles from the boat landing where I launch my tours. I live in Carencro, but I do not do my tours there and my private home address is not, nor has it ever been for the 10 years I have lived there, the business address for de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours!

What is interesting about Tripadvisor reviews is that after no bad reviews, but getting 4 five star reviews in a row in the beginning of my experience with these "internet review things", I started getting a whole bunch of what appeared to be crazy redneck tourists giving me terrible reviews.

Now first of all I do not market my tours to crazy redneck tourists who watch too much so-called reality TV! And secondly, I love rednecks and I know what I am dealing with, and like my Cajun friends I am very selective of who I will agree to be with in a boat for 2 hours!

Often, I am educating and entertaining children...

                                         You can smile, because we all been there before...

Nothing personal, and it is not a judgement as much as it is a reality: I have always marketed my very personal, unique personalized Louisiana swamp tour business to "special guests" which were primarily decent people, who were young at heart nature lovers like me,



and scientific naturalists,

seeking detours away from the typical, often overloaded, tourist traps.

                                    My boat has always been small I was the man driving it!

                 You will not get employees driving the boat for me, I am the owner and boat driver at de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours, and I often go out with only 2 people at a time.

I am helpful as that is a southern tradition, I am courteous, as a good business man should be, and I am me, and not shy about my honest opinions. If this sounds like someone you would like to show you around Cajun Country, give me a call @ 337 298 2630. I do swamp tours, night tours and Cajun country land tours.

If you can't get me on the phone you call Ashley @ 337 342 3867 as she is now making reservations for Swamp Tours of Acadiana @ Lake Martin Landing where we share the same space to launch our tours at 1209 Rookery Rd. Breaux Bridge, La. 70517

             This photo was taken from land of the full moon setting at Lake Martin Landing 5am

          Like me, Swamp Tours of Acadiana is in a small boat with personalized services                         designed to get up close and personal with the swamp and all it's inhabitants.

You can follow the link below and read those honest 5 star reviews you can trust from back in 2010 and 2011 which is topped off by one bad review titled "Rude!" My very professional response to that review is pasted below for your reading pleasure.

I have no idea who this is, but it sounds like the reviewer called a wrong number and assumed it was me who yelled at them. Or considering the rave reviews written by my guests, this appears to be someone who wants to hurt me. And all I can assume is; who would want to hurt me but, a competitor. Come on this person did not even do my tour. Just look at all the kind things said of me by people who DID my tours..