Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Wild Louisiana, a preview of some raw footage...

Hi, I am Marcus de la Houssaye, owner and operator of de la Houssaye's Swamp Tours, at Lake Martin. I am also the host of an upcoming reality TV program, called My Wild Louisiana now in production, and soon to be broadcast.

I decided to release a little of the unedited raw footage of an interesting encounter I had with an American Alligator, on tour with a group of college students from Tulane University, a couple of months ago.

The dog baying the gator is Jesse, who is a Louisiana Catahoula, and he bays a gator as quickly as he would a wild hog! Jesse will be with me on the TV program and also works as a professional blood tracking dog with me during deer season. In the spring and the fall when we aren't doing Lake Martin Swamp Tours, Jesse is a hog dog.