Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tornado Riders In The Swamp

I did a sunrise tour today with Patch and his grandson Simon
as my swamp tour guide dogs, as seen below My guests are in a band called Tornado Riders,
they performed recently at the Blue Moon Saloon as seen below.

And you would never know it judging by the stage persona but...

these are really nice, down to earth guys, when they are not on stage.

This is not photo shop, the lead singer and cello player actually hung from the rafters on a trapeeze in The Blue Moon Saloon, and played cello!That's My Wild Louisiana!

And if it wasn't for them,

no way would I have been at the lake for sunrise!

It was magical to say the least

By mid-morning, I was back at the boat landing listening to fishing stories,

and the Tornado Riders were in their van,

And on thier way to Chicken on the Bayou for the crawfish ettouffe,

and then the next show in Tallahasse, Florida

Shortly there after my next tour arrived and we off to see what lurked around the next bend

someone wanted to know if we would see alligators up close,

Is that close enough for you?
OK, how about this one?