Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lake Martin Birds and High Water

The water is high at Lake Martin and the birds are back!

Although it is still too early to gauge the total sum of positive effects the high water will have in the rookery at Lake Martin, we are hopeful that the nesting areas along rookery road will be once again be a premium roadsire opportunity for bird watchers and photographers to observe the mating and nesting behavior of wading birds in the Lafayette/Breaux Bridge area that it was back in the last decade.

Below are photos I took from Rookery Road last spring with my little cheapie camera.Little Blue Herons and Cattle Egrets

And below is a photo I took this past Sunday from my swamp boat.

A Great Egret in flight

White Ibis resting in the Cypress trees

Due to the rainest winter in decades, the water at Lake Martin is so high it is flowing out of the Nature Conservancy outlet on the south and the old north side spillway as well, as seen below.

The Old Lake Martin Spillway

The Great Blue Herons nesting in record numbers near the lake as seen below.

Double Crested Cormorants

I did a tour this past Sunday in 70' temperatures and it was a treat to see the great Egrets doing the mating ritual with the squat and flaring of plumage common this time of year. Sorry, I did not have a telephoto to get a shot, and I was driving the boat through the rookery at the time I saw it.

So... why not visit Charlie Bush's site and get a great view of the mating dance of a female Great Egret flaring her mating plumes, along with the best photo of a Rosette Spoonbill and her young I have ever seen, by clicking the link to his site here. Charlie also gives lots of great info about the lake in general. It is the best Lake Martin write up I have ever found in a website.

Here are some photos of Sundays tour as seen below.

For another great website of Lake Martin Birds click this link here.

And on the music and dance scene: This weekend we are celebrating the annual Geronimo Music Festival in Lafayette. I will be at the Blue Moon on Saturday for a great line up of bands starting at 2 PM. Click here for the Blue Moon Saloon link.

Lake Martin sunset

See you at the lake.

Simon, a de la Houssaye's Catahoula puppy