Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Carnival Time in Cajun Country!

It is Carnival time in Cajun country starting with the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio festivities and parades in Lafayette next weekend, but before we get to that, this last week of January, 2010 in Lafayette we are hosting the film festival known as Cinema on the Bayou.

The festival is being staged in various venues all around and in Lafayette and if you click the link above it takes you to the list of films being shown and there are also various opportunities to meet the actors, writers, directors and producers in informal gatherings too. The reception at 8PM on Friday at the LITE building is your best bet to meet me! I'll be the best looking cowboy/actor/producer/writer there with alligator skin boots, cowboy hat, grey beard, and a very serious Robert DeNiro bad boy look on my face! If you are not at least smiling, lighten up! It's Carnival Time!

And by the way, the swamp has defrosted, (thats my tour boat covered with snow, parked in my yard!)

the flowers are starting to bloom, the Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets are beginning to select nesting sites as seen below,

...and the alligators are coming out to sun themselves if daytime temperatures are 60' or above as seen below.

  So,,, the bad weather of the last 4 months appears to be behind us and swamp tours are once again a comfortable and a practical way to get out of the house and cure yourself of cabin fever.

I am not at the lake everyday yet because it is still hunting season for me and my Catahoula hog dogs, so call for swamp tour reservations before going to Lake Martin to look for me to tour you.

I will most likely not be there unless you make a reservation first. I do not live at Lake Martin landing.

For music...

Music in Lafayette is at the Blue Moon Saloon as usual as seen above at the Wednesday night jam session on the back porch, where you can get complimentary red beans and rice as seen below.

And for food, well Lafayette, La has more restaurants per capita than any city in the USA.

For lunch only, served 5 days a week, I recommend the Creole Lunch House at 12th and St.Charles.(sorry, no website, so call 337 232 9929) It is like eating at my grandmothers house!

That's my daughter Christina below about to tear into the chicken fricasse.

Above is Ms. Merline(owner) and Phobe who will be glad to serve you in French or English.

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I recommend the Chicken on the Bayou in Henderson.
They are located at the intersection of I-10 and La 347 across the road from the Lucky Capital truck stop as seen below,

 so if you are in an RV or a big rig there is easy on and off the inteerstate and plenty of parking.

Because the hurricane blew the sign down and the landlord never repaired it, this is a little confusing to find because this is what the Chicken on the Bayou looks like today.

I have been fussing at Nabeh(the owner) and he put up a temporary banner in front as seen below.

My best recommendation for a fast food stop is the poboy with fried shrimp  as seen below.

My favorite there is the #11 which is Crawfish Ettoufee with fried shrimp or catfish as seen below. Not fast food, so it takes a little longer, but well worth the wait. (about 10 minutes)

See ya at the lake!